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Application for placing orders for shopping groceries (GROCOAID)

This app works based on RFID technology and requires wifi technology.
It acquires basic details of the owner, current trends and discounts in the favorite shops.


DESCRIPTION: This app has a tracker installed to our refrigerators which alerts when there is unavailability of groceries like eggs,milk,greens etc. when the user acknowledges the alarm the app will search on for the current discounts(using RFID)and places order for the needed groceries at possibly low cost and good quality (as it receives the preference for the top most shops from the user initially).


As soon as the order is placed the goods are delivered to the specified address (using GPS) and includes the basic details of the user like (address,contact details) It requires to have a refrigerated compartment in our front doors and once we arrive our goods they can be stored safely All the transactions are made online as usual as the concerned shop will send a copy of bill to the customer.


This app helps both employed women and home makers get rid off their stress in searching discounts and buying goods on time.


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