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Application to generate images as passwords by persuasive click points for high
security purpose.


Since human can remember images than texts this security system helps in preventing
from attackers to guess.
Setting the pattern
Password pattern is first configured by redundancy input. User is allowed to select
any point on the image and the system saves the image and cued click- point. This is
done for five images and pattern is saved. Finally one easy text password is saved.
At the time of login the first image in user defined pattern is retrieved and shown
to the person who is trying to access, then he allowed to touch the point in the
image, if the clicked point and already saved cue point matches the next image in the
pattern is displayed and process proceeds otherwise a random image will be shown.
The user who knows the pattern can manage to login. The text password after image
verification is given and user accesses their account.




Application to find the current location of a person.
By giving the details of nearby Landmark or by using GPS coordinates ie by specifying
the latitude and longitude the exact location of the person at present is identified
using GPS system.


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