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1. Advertise remover:
  • Remove all of the annoying ads from free download android app on android
  • If you install free application on app store..Notification Bar Or Widget
    advertising app list that can highly Maturity Content..
  • Free from Spam Content
  • Free from virus
2. Locate Me: ( Via txt SmS)
  • Via GPS to show my friend location
  • Guide direction ma friend navigation ‚ĶIsnt Illegal becoz Even both share thr
    location it.
  • In this way (We chat app) to be consider but it shown around thr location path they
    wont guide to Navigate It
3. Flash Player: (Armv6& Armv7) (able to browse flash Files)
  • 90% of android mobile based on armv architecture
  • We all of us Know Android Platform contract with Adobe flash player they cancel thr contract in adobe flash player Reason they cant able to support all android platform device.
  • Now Armv Cortex A5 Architecture Design is based on support Flashable files.
  • Previous Version on Android Platform:
  • NVidia
    • Snapdragon
    • Samsung Exnosy
    • OMAPY Platmargin
  • Now Android its based on update Architecture chip level A5,A8,A9,A15
  • GPU-Actually graphic Processor in speed UI Making Everything Run Smooth.
  • To Run & Play Swf Files
  • Can Play Flash Animation
  • Can Play Flash Apps
  • Can Play Flash Games
  • View Landscape & portrait Mode

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