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    Mobility is considered as the next big thing in the IT Industry. Gartner Research Identifies "Mobile Centric Applications" as one of the Top 10 Strategic Technologies for 2016. Taking cognizance of this trend, We at Uniq have launched a comprehensive course on "Android Development" Project Centers in Chennai. Android is an operating system made exclusively for use in Smartphones and tablet computers. There are about 400 million Android phones in usage today occupying a market share of about 59%. Android Applications (Apps) extend the functionality of the devices and millions of apps are downloaded every day. This means Thousands of jobs exist to develop android and android based applications. These job opportunities are created not only in small and medium sized companies, but also in the leading MNC IT organizations. The course would be handled by IT professionals who have hands on experience in developing Android Applications and also for the computer science engineering student's who wants to do paid Internship in Chennai. Go the Products section to know more about the apps developed by our team.
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    Say hi to the Android Mascot!
    They have a hit a ground breaking 600,000 apps and 20 billion installs so far and the numbers are exponentially growing. 2016 Q3 share market results are encouraging with Android's share rising to 47.3%. This, definitely, is good news for budding Android app developers like you and now there is an android Project Centers in Chennai is available for the person who interested to learn android and engineering students in cse,ece,eee,civil and it who want to do professional Internship in Chennai is located in the same place. A small introduction about Android to the newbies:
    Android is fork of Linux OS for the mobile.
    There were days when developers of other mobile OS like Symbian and Meebo were having sleepless nights developing apps for their platform, until Android was born. Today 68.1% of the world's smartphone market is dominated by this cute green devil.
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    UNIQ Technologies
    is a leading IT-based
    ISO 9001-2008 Company
    headquartered at the heart of Chennai, serving the student community for about 5 years. Our growth has been tremendous over these years, thanks to the quality training and projects we provide. When our company was founded in 2007, by
    experienced professionals from MNCs,
    little did we know that we will incur so much support from students at such a fast pace. Today, we are the leading Project Centers in Chennai, specializing in Android app development and person who wants to do their 2 to 6 months Internship Program in Chennai for computer science. We welcome you to share our happiness and let your project needs pave the way for it.
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    Itís raining Android everywhere.
    Come grab an opportunity with us. We have an excellent portfolio of projects encompassing cloud computing, video surveillance and web mining, all in compliance with IEEE 2016 research papers. Come and have fun building your own app. Install it in your Android mobile or sell it in Google Play before learn well android language and delevelop own application by doing projects in the Project Centers in Chennai and also do Internship in Chennai and earn your pocket money.
    At Uniq Mobility Lab,
    we make you feel the same kind of easiness and pleasure we experience with this wonderful mobile OS. We have with us a wonderful portfolio of Android apps that we have serviced our clients. Come and share the fun we have in developing apps and when you are contented with the result, sell your app in Google


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